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A taste of dairy farming appeals to schools


Sharing the farming story in schools is helping urban children, teachers and parents get a better understanding of dairy farming and where their milk comes from.

DairyNZ’s Rosie’s Education programme gives teachers access to resources that help them teach their students about dairy farming within the context of science, maths, social studies, geography, economics and history.

The programme is promoted to primary and secondary school teachers throughout New Zealand, focusing on urban schools – while still not forgetting the provincial and rural schools.

Over 6000 teachers have used the teaching resources in more than 1800 schools since they were launched five years ago.

Over 21000 children have visited a dairy farm

A taste of farm life

Cambridge Primary School in the Waikato studied dairy farming last year and were one of 60 schools who visited a dairy farm as part of the education programme in 2016.

Teacher Natalie McNamara says children were keen to learn about the topic. “We learnt a lot about how farms operate and the kids were particularly interested in the science lessons.”

As part of the education programme, DairyNZ runs the Find a Farmer service, which links schools with a local dairy farmer to host a school visit.

Natalie says the majority of kids had never been on a dairy farm and it was the perfect way to bring their studies to life.

“The experience was very interesting and a trip the children will remember,” says Natalie. “Having the opportunity to visit a farm was a great way to experience what they learnt in class. The kids enjoyed meeting a couple of dairy farmers and had plenty of questions.”

Rosie’s Education for teachers

To view the learning resources and build custom lesson plans visit rosieseducation.co.nz

Keen to host a farm visit?

To register your interest to host a school on your farm, visit dairynz.co.nz/find-a-farmer.

Rosie’s World for kids

The Rosie’s World website is designed for kids to learn about dairy farming through games, movies, competitions and more – visit rosiesworld.co.nz.


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